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This policy may get updated from time to time so you should check back to keep informed of how I am collecting / using your information and for details of any paid product placements or advertising. This policy was last updated on 6th November 2019.


There is no advertising on this site, and I do not get paid for any music, astronomy or photography equipment I mention.


I use the WordPress platform and associated plug-ins to provide the functionality of my website. These use cookies as part of their functionality – for example I use a security plugin that limits logon attempts from the same IP address, and I use a plug-in to provide a cookie disclosure notice which I believe uses a cookie so that it doesn’t warn people repeatedly. Modern browsers tend to allow a level of control over cookies which you may choose to take advantage of (e.g. block cookies, delete cookies etc.). You can find information on how to do this here –


I link to other websites which I feel may be of use – e.g. links to my Instagram and YouTube pages. These websites and others I link to may use cookies and collect information from you which I am not in control of.
Privacy Policy
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