new album

new album to be released summer 2024
2024 bittersweet - the first new album in 7 years, to be released this summer on 19th June - cinematic techno with strong ambient generation style melodies.


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the pure electronica phase

Equanimity II single cover
2022 equanimity II - a continuation of the 2005 track equanimity. 
2022 contact - back with the original Ambient Generation sound.

the trance phase

2021 sorrow - strong melodic trance. 
2021 light - another melodic track inspired as I increasingly listen to trance music. first track I have released on beatport.
hope single cover
2021 hope - inspired by the melodic trance genre of music.

the place inspired electronica phase

metro single cover
2020 metro - inspired by the work of vangelis and a visit to san francisco
estoril single cover
2019 estoril approach - techno influenced melodic track written whilst I was in the beautiful estoril in portugal


the vocoder phase

evolved album cover
2017 evolved - vocoder led with mild jazz influences and introduction of guitars, sax and electric piano 

the classically tinged electronica phase

solar perfume album cover
2011 solar perfume - classical influenced electronica 

the techno influenced electronica phase

passive aggressive album cover
2005 passive aggressive - strong melodic chillout mixed with techno beats and basslines 

the breakbeat infused electronica phase

icebreaker album cover
2004 icebreaker – retaining strong melodies now propelled with breakbeats and hints of techno. includes some tracks from first album habitat

the pure electronica phase

habitat album cover
2003 habitat – atmospheric electronica soundtrack with wide sweeping pads and strong melodies
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