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Our Privacy Policy


This policy may get updated from time to time so you should check back to keep informed of how I am collecting / using your information and for details of any paid product placements or advertising.  This policy was last updated on 23rd October 2017.


There is no advertising on this site, and I do not get paid for any music, astronomy or photography equipment I mention.


If you choose to contact me via the contact form I will receive an email from you with any information you provide via the form.  I may then use this information to respond to you.  My email account is cloud hosted and as such the information you provide may pass and be held outside of the EU.

If you subscribe to my mailing list your email address will be held by MailChimp.  I only allow subscriptions that are confirmed (so you get an email which you have to confirm to prove it is your email address).  MailChimp are based in the U.S. and have certified under Privacy Shield.  You can of course unsubscribe at any time.


I use WordPress and associated plug-ins to provide the functionality of my website.  These use cookies as part of their functionality – for example I use a security plugin that limits logon attempts from the same IP address, and I use a plug-in to provide a cookie disclosure notice which I believe uses a cookie so that it doesn’t warn people repeatedly.  I also use Google Analytics to understand traffic patterns on my website and which pages people are finding useful – to provide this functionality cookies are used.  Modern browsers tend to allow a level of control over cookies which you may choose to take advantage of (e.g. block cookies, delete cookies etc.)


I link to other websites which I feel may be of use – e.g. links to my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube pages.  These websites and others I link to may use cookies and collect information from you which I am not in control of.