Today and for the next 3 Sundays I will be describing something about the new album “Evolved” which is to be released on Monday 23rd October.

Today I’d like to give the track listing :

1 Evolved
2 One Cold January Evening
3 Mirage
4 Seclusion
5 Childhood Memories
6 Smiley
7 Unity
8 Three Words
9 To The Beach
10 Goodbye
11 Travelling (Bonus Track)
12 M45 (Bonus Track)
13 Strata (Bonus Track)

Those of you who remember Ambient Generation back to 2003 will know that Travelling was on the first ever album “Habitat” which is no longer available. Most of the tracks on Habitat ended up as bonus tracks on “Icebreaker” but Travelling was left out. I was recently listening to it and thought it would suit this album – so I remastered it and included it as a bonus track. It was actually the first track I wrote as Ambient Generation.

This album “Evolved” is Vocoder heavy – so if you like Vocoders you’ll like this – if you don’t you won’t. Definitely a polarising set of tracks. And for the first time it has extensive use of guitar – both bass and electric rhythm / lead – but tastefully done of course – this is Ambient Generation not Thrash Generation!

More news next week and thanks for reading.