In 2003 I released my first album Habitat – a gentle atmospheric electronica soundtrack with wide sweeping pads and strong melodies. I had dreamt for years of having the necessary equipment to record the compositions in my head – so this was a real ambition fulfilled for me.
Now that I had the necessary music equipment I was on a roll, spending all my free time recording, and literally laying awake unable to sleep at night for excitement thinking about the pieces I was working on. In 2004 I released Icebreaker – it retained the strong melodies but I propelled these with breakbeats and hints of techno influences. I released this both digitally and on professionally produced CDs and took the decision to include the best tracks from my first album Habitat as bonus tracks. I therefore removed Habitat from sale.
The next year, 2005, I wrote and released Passive Aggressive. My love for techno had grown and this showed through – and the name of the album was based on the strong melodic chill out content mixed with techno beats and basslines. The first track opens with the chill out melodies in one speaker and the techno beats in the other, before merging into stereo as the two come together to produce the sound of the album.
I then took a break as I had become a proud Dad before releasing Solar Perfume (what I thought of as my “epic beautiful album”) in 2011.
I then took another break, until last year when my son started taking a strong interest in music production. Not needing much encouragement I threw myself back into music perhaps even more enthusiastically than before and in January felt I had a concept for a new album. Each album I try to come up with a slightly different take on the Ambient Generation sound, and I wrote a piece that became “One Cold January evening” – the lyrics are even “this is a test” (no prizes for guessing what month it was or the temperature) as I tried creating the vocoder led sound I heard in my head, utilising for the first time bass and electric guitar. My new vocoder-laden electronica album “Evolved” resulted and was released on 20th October 2017.
I am now experimenting with an ambient techno sound and live videos of some results are available on the video page and my YouTube channel.

Personally I am big fan of streaming, especially Spotify, and my music is available on all major services (also to purchase). As well as my music I also put together playlists of some of my favourite influences on my Spotify page.

I have now had over 1,000,000 streams on Spotify. I am appreciative of what they are doing for independent artists such as myself.
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