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Welcome To ambientgeneration

This is the story of an obsessive who has had to learn to restrict his compulsive hobbying to music, astronomy, and photography.



In 2003 I started publishing my Ambient Electronic music compositions under the name “Ambient Generation”.  Originally I just hoped someone somewhere would download it and listen to it, but thanks to Chillout radio stations such as Digitally Imported my music has been heard, enjoying hundreds of thousands of downloads.


I started selling CDs through CD Baby, and then with the rise of iTunes moved over to digital sales.  Unlike some artists I have welcomed streaming services such as Spotify, I don’t rely on music for a living, and for me the more plays I get the happier I am.  My music is about contrast – chilled out melodies with techno basslines and breakbeat rhythms.


Since 2014 I have been taking pictures of galaxies, stars, and nebula from my very ordinary light polluted back garden in suburbia.  I use a cheap telescope costing around £200, and an inexpensive DSLR camera.


In 2016 I started capturing images from around Manchester with a small compact camera.  I use the excellent Adobe Lightroom for processing.