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Welcome To ambientgeneration

This is the story of a self confessed geek, who struggles to contain his obsessions of ambient electronica music, astronomy, and photography.

Apple staircase in Covent Garden


It all started in 2003.  After writing music since being a teenager I finally had the chance to publish it and hope someone somewhere would listen to it.  I was, and still am, so grateful to be living through the biggest change to the music industry there has ever been.  I have had over 900k streams of my music on Spotify alone, plus sold hundreds of tracks to companies to use with their videos, had 2 tracks in the iTunes Electronica top 10 (in Italy and Canada), and at one stage years ago had 13 tracks in the top 20 Amazon Ambient free download chart (don’t think that exists anymore).  I don’t write music that is for everyone, only a few like it, but those few have been very encouraging, and it has brought me much happiness.

So if you like vocoders, electronic strings, techno and breakbeat rhythms, maybe a bit of jazz influence thrown in, then have a listen to my music and see if it is for you.  Some people have told me it helps them whilst they do graphic design, yoga, sail on ships in the Antarctic, study …  I like to think it is music for introverts, thoughtful introverts.


Since 2014 I have been taking pictures of galaxies, stars, and nebula from my very ordinary light polluted back garden in suburbia.  I use a cheap telescope costing around £200, and an inexpensive DSLR camera.


In 2016 I started capturing images from around Manchester with a small compact camera.  I use the excellent Adobe Lightroom for processing.